Histamine Intolerance

Histamine intolerance & the truth about histamine reactions

Do you have a histamine intolerance or allergy reactions to histamine, symptoms from foods high in histamine or aged foods and drinks?  Many people simply can’t handle high histamine foods and have to avoid them and go on a low histamine diet just to prevent an attack however this is not the best way to manage histamine intolerance.

Why Me!

That’s what many people think after they just had their last meal and start to see bad reactions they know they probably shouldn’t have had and it’s a good question to ask.  People who have histamine intolerance have a specific gene known as ABP1/DAO that has mutations, this means that they can’t produce enough of the enzyme known as diamine oxidase.  Diamine oxidase also known as DAO is needed for the breakdown of histamine in the gut, that’s why people with mutations in this gene have so many problems with histamine, but it doesn’t stop there, so if you are one of those people that suffer from histamine intolerance listen up.

Histamine intolerance & what it really means…

If you have a histamine intolerance then it’s most likely true that your body makes less DAO enzyme than say a “normal person” and when you consume high histamine foods and or beverages you have an allergic type reaction which can sometimes be allergic involving your immune system, or it can be an allergic type reaction that is really an intolerance which does not involve your immune system.

Either way its annoying, worrying and hard to know why you react the way that you do.  Histamine is a powerful neurotransmitter so imbalances can have a dramatic affect on you physically and or mentally.

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Low DAO production as a result of the gene mutation ABP1/DAO means much more than just having histamine intolerance, this gene mutation means you will have problems with any of the following:

  • Tryptophan metabolism – leading to depression, anxiety and mood problems
  • Tyrosine metabolism – leading to low dopamine, feeling of fatigue, depression and mood disorders
  • Histadine metabolism – low histamine production leading to depression, poor motivation, anxiety and issues with self-mutilation
  • Histamine metabolism – leading to excess histamine, histamine intolerance, allergic reactions to histamine
  • Beta alanine metabolism – A major factor in anti-aging

DAO supplements & histamine intolerance

For those that have histamine intolerance it’s important to point out that avoiding histamine foods is one way of dealing with the problem but its not the best way.  Taking the right DAO supplement as a part of your daily diet is very important, this is because DAO helps break down gut histamine and is responsible for the other important roles that DAO enzymes are used for as explained above.

Histamine intolerance & genetics

As explained earlier, your genetics play a big role in how your body deals with histamine and the ABP1/DAO gene is just one of many genes involved with how you process food that deals with histamine.  DNA analysis or genetic profiling is a great way to discover all of your problematic genes that can cause intolerance’s and allergies.

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