Food Intolerance testing Sydney

Food Intolerance Testing From Home

Not sure what foods are best for your body?

Let our scientifically proven food intolerance test tell the truth about you and get relief now!

Find the right foods which are right for your body, the right way easily near your home or office.

Many people suffer from food intolerance, this problem relates to your body’s inability to tolerate certain foods or substances found in certain foods, this problem can cause many adverse symptoms and leave you feeling that there is something seriously wrong with something that you have eaten but often it can be difficult to figure out just which foods you can or cannot tolerate.

When you have food intolerance’s your body knows which foods are the cause and makes a record of the foods that it does not like, this makes it easy for you to discover with the worlds most accurate food intolerance home test which foods you should consume and which ones you should avoid.

Do you have Food Intolerance Symptoms?

  • anxiety, depression
  • bloating & flatulence

  • chronic fatigue
  • headaches & migraines

  • insomnia, inability to relax

  • diarrhoea and/or constipation

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • difficulty gaining lean muscle

  • difficulty losing weight

  • waking feeling tired

  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Diet – One size does not fit all

We all know there are hundreds of different diets out there, unfortunately most of them simply do not work with your body chemistry.  Using advanced food intolerance testing that works on a cellular level is very important if you want real change when it comes to your health.  Our range of food intolerance tests can help you to accurately find those foods that you should avoid and those foods that your body and it’s cells really like.

Testing for food intolerance’s is easy, all you need to do is decide on how many foods you want to test for starting from 50 foods and up to 200 foods, you can even test for other intolerance’s such as herbs, molds, food additives, chemicals, antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs.  To view the full range of intolerance tests click here.

Food intolerance testing is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia wide only.

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