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Histamine Intolerance & Allergy Test




The Histamine Test For Intolerance & Allergy

The Histamine Intolerance & Allergy Test is a simple blood test that determines the the amount of blood histamine you have.  This valuable test helps you to discover if you have imbalances of histamine.  Histamine is a powerful neurotransmitter which is involved in immune response and has influence over how your immune system responds.  Imbalances of histamine have been implicated in allergies, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, behavioural disorders and autism.

About The Histamine Intolerance & Allergy Test

After you purchase the histamine test, you will receive a simple blood test kit in the mail.  The test kit comes with:

  • An authorized blood specimen order form that you take to your local accredited pathology for collection of your blood (Find a pathology near you here).
  • A blood specimen test kit for the pathology to use to collect your blood sample
  • Complete instructions for taking the test for you and the pathology

Test results are sent to one of our professional health practitioners within 7 business days for evaluation.  Our practitioners contact you with the results and recommendations on any findings via email, mail or phone.

Histamine Imbalances

Histamine is most well-known for its involvement in allergic reactions, however it also acts as a neurotransmitter like serotonin and dopamine. Histamine is involved in the wake-sleep cycle and is required for arousal, alertness, learning and memory. It also regulates appetite, other neurotransmitters, the perception of pain and some stress hormones.  Histamine imbalances, both low and high are known to be involved in mental health issues such as schizophrenia,  depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders and autism.

Low histamine levels are associated with – depression, poor motivation, anxiety and issues with self-mutilation.

High histamine levels are associated with – schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, anorexia, bulimia, autism and depression.

Common Histamine Conditions

  • Depression
  • Overweight
  • High pain threshold
  • Low libido & difficult orgasm
  • Histadelia

About High or Excessive Histamine

Histamine Imbalance is an often overlooked problem, some people are actually genetically pre-programmed to produce more histamine which is a condition known as histadelia, this type of condition can make a person excessively compulsive and obsessive.  Having high histamine means that you are more likely to need higher levels of nutrients and a good nutrient dense diet, this is because high histamine type people are prone to using up nutrients at a fast rate making them prone to nutritional type diseases and depression quite easily.  Those with excessive or high histamine are likely to experience five or more of the following symptoms:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Obsessive or compulsive tendencies
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Easy orgasm with sex
  • Light sleeper
  • Depression or suicidal thoughts
  • Inner tension or driven feeling
  • Excess body heat
  • Shy or over sensitive as a child
  • sneezing, crying or nauseated easily
  • Abnormal fears, compulsions or rituals
  • Have a fast metabolism
  • Have little  body hair and or thin build


Have any questions about this test?  Ask one of our qualified health practitioners here.