DNA Analysis & Genetic Health Profiling



Ever wanted to know what genetic conditions you may have that can cause you health problems and disease?  Want to know how you can protect your health, solve current health problems and even prevent serious diseases?

Then look no further than your very own blue print for good health that’s just waiting to be taken advantage of called your DNA.

About Genetic Health Profiling

Genetic health profiling is the process of looking at a break down of your DNA and looking for your genes that can cause health problems, symptoms and genes that can lead to certain diseases.  This is achieved by DNA analysis, put simply, through DNA testing provided by companies such as 23andme.com or ancestry.com which breaks down your DNA to determine where your family lines come from, we can use this data to break down your genes or genome into small pieces called “snp’s”.

Once we have all of your snp’s (your broken down genes) we have a much clearer picture of your most likely problematic genes when it comes to your health and this also means we are able to profile your health and use preventative measures to help the problematic genes which is turn helps to improve your health and helps you understand your health better and be in more control of your health’s outcome.

Many people who have had health problems are finding much better advantages in resolving their health problems using DNA analysis & genetic profiling, this is because mainstream medicine does not look at individual DNA or a persons individual susceptibility to certain health problems from a genetic perspective, which leaves a big stone un-turned when it comes to your health.

How does DNA analysis & genetic profiling work?

DNA analysis and genetic profiling is done by one of our experts in genetic interpretation.  It starts by you sending us your “raw data file” from either 23andme.com or ancestry.com and a list of your health concerns via email.

The raw data file will contain a copy of your DNA which we will then break down into over a thousand snp’s for analysis, we will then check your health concerns against your gene variant report to help determine problematic genes that can be treated.

Here is what you get:

  • A full report of all of your genes broken down showing your good genes, your problem genes and any gene mutations.
  • Our genetic experts opinion on which genes could be contributing to your symptoms or health problems.
  • Recommendations on what to do about your health problems according to your report.

What health problems or diseases do you look for?

Genetic DNA analysis is complex so there are literally thousands of different health problems that can be found on a

genome report, this is why we focus on symptoms and your health history.  Remember everyone is different and so are their results, we want to make sure your worst problems are reviled so that we can make the most impact possible when it comes to treatment options.

We can check your genes for really any health concern and or disease that you like.  This works well for all physical and or mental health disorders.

What does the report look like?

There are many pages of “snp’s” on the report each will be coded as per the following example:

DNA analysis & genetic profiling

As you can see in this small sample the genes are color coded as follows:

  • Green -/- = normal
  • Yellow +/- = 1 mutation
  • Red +/+ = 2 mutations

It’s the yellow and red snp’s we are concern about, along with your health problems and these will be the focus of our research when you purchase the DNA analysis & genetic profiling product.

Did you have any questions about the DNA analysis & genetic profiling profile?  Contact us here.