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Protein, should you be concerned about imbalance?

Most people are aware of protein, that they should consume it and that it has some importance to their health, but did you know that protein imbalance should be considered one of the biggest concerns when it comes to just about every function in your body?

The word protein comes from ancient nutrition such as “Proteos” which means “primary” or “to take first place” or “the most fundamental” in Greek language.  There are many reasons that protein is considered so fundamental to good health, but the fact is many people no matter how much of it they consume, still have serious protein imbalances that are behind their very health concerns and a simple protein imbalance test can therefor be life changing.

The heath benefits of protein

Protein is among other things an essential part of life itself, protein contain amino acids that are also referred to as “the building blocks of life”, so if you want to live and be healthy you had better take protein seriously.

Protein is responsible for more than 50% of all cellular content and they are dependent upon protein to properly function.  Protein plays extremely important roles in the production and functioning of many of the body’s essential processes, lets take a quick look…

The many jobs of protein

  • Protein is responsible for the production of 100% of your body’s enzymes.
  • It helps produce some of the body’s hormones
  • Protein maintains the structural integrity of your system such as the formation of collagen, ligaments, tendons & bone
  • Protein provides immune support
  • Protein provides transport of other essential nutrients around your body
  • Maintains pH balance, which is essential to life itself
  • Helps remove waste products from your body through body secretions such as in your lungs, nose, mouth, urine, bowel
  • Building, repairing and maintaining your body
  • Helps make neurotransmitters

So ask yourself this important question, “Do I have health problems that might involve one or more of the jobs of protein”?

The problem people have with proteins…

Proteins are obviously incredibly essential but they have their own problems, this is because proteins are not useful at all until they are properly broken down.  Proteins are made of really long chains of amino acids that are liked together, so in order to use those proteins properly your body has to break those amino acid chains up so that they can be used.

The way we normally break up amino acid chains is through digestion, if our digestive system is functioning properly, protein digestion begins in the stomach and continues down to the liver and pancreas, assuming this is functioning properly amino acids are broken up and are then in their usable state and go on to do their many jobs.

But there is a number of problems that many people face that make it hard for proteins to end up broken down enough to use them properly which causes protein imbalances, even when you eat more than enough protein.

The main problems with breaking down proteins

Amino acid Imbalances

The biggest problem we have is that amino acids are not stored in the body like fats and carbohydrates, we need them from our diet and we then need them broken down to be able to use them.  Amino acids have extremely important roles in the body such as:

NOTE: Just one deficiency in any single essential amino acid will disrupt any or all of the above key roles!

Click here to find out if you have protein or amino acid imbalances, deficiencies and or excesses.

Symptoms of amino acid deficiencies


Ammonia toxicity



Behavioral disorders

Bipolar disorder

Cardiovascular disease

Chemical intolerance’s



Detoxification impairment

Excessive inflammation




Inflammatory disorders


Mental retardation


Neural tube defects

Ocular disorders


Oxadative stress

Poor immunity

Poor wound healing

Rheumatoid arthritis


Weak skin and nails


And many more

Re-balancing your protein and amino acids

Knowing exactly how well balanced your amino acids are is vitally key to good health, that’s why testing your amino acids can be a major advantage in discovering why you lack optimal health and being in a position of knowing what you can do about it.

The benefits that often come with finding out your amino imbalances and taking actions to resolve them are really endless, here are just some of the more common immediate benefits:

  • Increased energy
  • Binge eating stops
  • Balanced out emotions
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Optimized weight
  • Overeating stops
  • Reduced or stopped addiction
  • Reduced need for some medications
  • Reduced or cessation of pain
  • And many more

Have any questions about protein?  Ask one of our qualified health practitioners here.

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