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Is Heavy Metal Toxicity Destroying Your Health?

When people think of heavy metal toxicity they tend to think of big pieces of hard metal objects which makes it easy to believe that it couldn’t really be doing them any real harm or they think they have to be exposed to lots of heavy metals to cause them harm.  This thinking couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact of all the metals around you right now, what you can’t see is the tiny little pieces of the metals wearing away, floating in the air and ending up in your body from just about everything you do on a daily basis.

Heavy toxic metals are literally everywhere, you are surrounded by them, you breath them in, you consume them in drinks and you consume them in food and this is taking a big toll on how your body functions leading to serious health problems and disease.

How heavy metals destroy your health

Heavy metal toxicity means, to become toxic from heavy metals and or you have too many heavy metals that cause toxicity to your body.  Heavy metals can destroy your health in a number of ways, these include:

  • By poisoning
  • By interfering or replacing essential nutrients
  • By causing metabolic changes
  • By blocking normal body processes
  • By causing nutritional imbalances
  • By altering genes

So by the time you’re reading this, there is a good chance statistically that you have at least one or more of these problems happening to you right now, which is evident by the increasing number of diseases being discovered that’s caused by these very problems.

Poisoning – Heavy metal poisoning is easily achieved in our modern society, poisoning occurs when you have an accumulation of a particular heavy metal or several heavy metals that show signs and symptoms related to the metal involved.

Interfering or replacing essential nutrients – Each heavy metal has an identity which makes it unique, when heavy metals are consumed via the food supply through general pollution of soils, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers these metals enter the body and get confused with essential nutrients, this causes the heavy metals to take the place of essential nutrients.  Once a heavy metal starts to interfere with or even replace an essential nutrient the body becomes both malnourished and toxic at the same time leading to disease.

Causing metabolic changes – Heavy metals can cause metabolic changes which is becoming more and more common.  Metabolic change means that your body can’t go through the normal processes of metabolism, this means you can’t use your nutrients properly, you can’t detoxify properly and your body can’t function properly.  Metabolism is one of the most important processes of the body and when heavy metals interfere with metabolism this disrupts almost all processes that keep you healthy and enable you to repair and rebuild.

Blocking normal body processes – Heavy metals have the ability to block processes in the body, heavy metals get stuck in the body in certain locations considered to be pathways of communication.  When heavy metals place themselves in these communication pathways they block important signals to the body which stops the body from doing what it should to stay healthy.  The body has literally thousands of communication pathways that heavy metals can interfere with, any of which can cause serious disease.

Causing nutritional imbalances – Nutrition is your number one source of life and good health, without good nutrition you will most certainly end up unhealthy and suffer from illness or disease.  Heavy metals cause serious nutritional imbalances which is very common.  Normally a healthy body can recognize toxic heavy metals and uses many different processes in the body to get rid of or detoxify the heavy metals. Modern living has caused higher levels of heavy metals to enter the body which in turn has increased the demand on certain nutrients to be able to detoxify the metals, as a result essential nutrients easily become deficient allowing the metals to accumulate in the body.  Further more when certain nutrients become deficient this can cause other nutrients to become excessive and unusable which results in serious nutritional imbalances.

Altering genes – Genetics is what makes us who we are and how our body works.  Heavy metals have the ability to alter our genes which causes gene mutations.  Once you have gene mutations, the way your body works changes which leads to severe health problems.  Some people have gene mutations that prevent them from detoxifying heavy metals properly, it is estimated that this represents 50% of the population.  Parents often pass on heavy metal toxicity to their unborn children who later experience numerous health problems in life and may have altered genes as a result. Often gene alterations make it much harder for a person to understand and solve many health problems such as:

  • Why I can’t lose weight
  • Why I can’t detoxify properly
  • Why I have autoimmune disease
  • Why I have heart problems
  • Why my immune system doesn’t work properly
  • Why I can’t get well
  • Why medical doctor can’t find what’s wrong with my condition

Common heavy metals

There are many heavy metals that can cause serious health problems, here are some of the most prevalent found in people with heavy metal toxicity:



















Discovering if you have heavy metal toxicity

There are a number of ways that you can discover if you have heavy metal toxicity, the best way is by hair mineral analysis, this is because hair mineral analysis shows those metals that have been absorbed from your blood stream and have gone through your body, this gives a better reflection of your true load of heavy metals rather than a blood test that only shows if you have temporarily consumed some heavy metals.

Hair mineral analysis is an easy way to improve your health, this is because you can test for heavy metals and mineral imbalances at the same time, this means you can use the test to discover nutritional imbalances as well.  Hair mineral analysis is a simple test that can be done right from your home or office, the test is available at different levels dependent on your budget, some offering more extensive testing than others.  It’s recommended that you have a hair mineral analysis at least once a year until your heavy metals and nutritional imbalances are resolved.  See available tests here:

Basic hair mineral analysis

Extensive hair mineral analysis

Nutritional balancing program

Genetic testing for people who have poor detoxification of heavy metals

As mentioned previously some people have altered genes that cause them to accumulate heavy metals more easily than most people.  It is estimated that a large percentage of between 38% & 67% of the population are missing one gene called the GSTM1 gene.  Testing for the GSTM1 gene can be a major advantage to preventing serious disease, this is because confirmation can lead to specific preventative measures that can greatly assist these people to detoxify properly especially when it comes to heavy metals.

The same problem applies to those that have the gene GSTT1 missing, testing for these missing genes can greatly help with the prevention of disease.

Metabolism, methylation, organic acids and heavy metals

One of the biggest dangers of the heavy metals is their ability to interfere with methylation.  Your body’s ability to properly metabolize nutrients is paramount to your health.  Heavy metals can easily interfere with this process causing serious nutritional illnesses that lead to many of the common diseases people are experiencing today.

In many cases where heavy metals are interfering with metabolic processes an organic acids & environmental pollution test can be life saving.  In many cases for example people who had average levels of heavy metal toxicity had trouble with homocysteine methylation which meant that their risk of serious disease and even sudden death was much higher.

Testing for organic acids & environmental pollution is a major advantage simply because it can help to point out how heavy metals may be interrupting your body and offers a solution in most cases to reversing a disease and detoxifying heavy metals.

Don’t let heavy metals destroy you or your family’s health!

Heavy metals are a serious problems for many people who remain unconvinced until it’s too late, everyone is exposed to high levels of heavy metals these days, so it makes perfect sense to have yourself tested.    If your unsure what to do simply ask one of our professional natural health practitioners here.

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