Body building with amino acids

Body Building The Smart Way

If you want to be a body builder or you are already training, you know that nutrition plays a big part in how good your results are, but there is one thing that most body builders don’t do that can set them back years and even make them give up before they achieve what they want.

If you have been around body building for a while, or you’re just getting started, you would already be aware for the need to protein and it’s a fair chance you know a bit about the relationship between protein and amino acids which are needed as the building blocks in order to build your body.

But did you know that just taking protein powders and consuming lots of foods high in protein isn’t the smartest way to get the results you want?

Protein powders are missing the point

Most people who go to the gym or want to get fit at one point or another end up using various protein powders with the goal of supporting muscle growth.  The problem is, one size does not fit all when it comes to protein powders and the balance of amino acids that each individual needs, so if you knew exactly what amino acids would give your body the best advantage, would that be worth finding out?

Many people who live in modern society have amino acids imbalances, which requires them to consume higher amounts of certain amino acids that you are unlikely to be able to achieve with any of the protein powders on the market.

Getting smart about body building

Balanced amino acid profiles in the body make a massive difference in body building and with 37 different amino acids involved in body building, it makes good sense to know exactly how well-balanced your amino acids are rather than relying on and hoping a protein powder is going to be enough for you.

Amino acid testing is a smart way to find out which amino acids are out of balance and can give you a certain road map of what to do in terms of supplementation or getting the most from your nutrition and the results you achieve in the gym.

Amino acids work in synergy, they work together, if just one of your amino acids is deficient it can cause a chain reaction that prevents your body from growth and repair, by knowing your individual body’s amino acid needs you can create your own personal synergy.

Why some people fail to get results with body building

Body building or even just staying healthy and fit is a great feeling but for many people no amount of effort seems to get lasting results and this is becoming a growing problem.  Metabolic disorders which are problems related to metabolism are becoming a big problem in modern society.

Metabolic disorders prevent your body from being able to process or use its nutritional resources such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, this of course means that body building is much less likely to work for you and in fact metabolic disorders are more likely to push your health into decline unless you know what may be causing your particular metabolic disorder.

Causes of metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorders can be caused by many different factors but it is important not to be discouraged, this is because in many cases metabolic disorders can be overcome once you know what’s causing them.  Here are some of the major causes of metabolic disorders:

  • Amino acid imbalances
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Omega essential oil imbalances
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Citric acid cycle & metabolic imbalances
  • Genetic disorders
  • Syndrome X
  • Environmental pollutants

Amino acid imbalances – amino acids play major roles in detoxification, body building and repair, an imbalance of amino acids can result in toxicity, physical & mental problems.

Nutritional imbalances – This is a very common problem, often people attempt to supplement vitamins and minerals without knowing what the bigger nutritional problems is, this is a mistake that can lead to poor metabolism and even disease.  Testing for nutritional imbalances is considered an essential part of restoring metabolism.

Omega essential oil imbalances – Many people have special needs when it comes to omega essential oils such as omega’s 3, 6 & 9.  The biggest problem is that people randomly take omega oil supplements without knowing exactly what they actually need, this causes omega imbalances which greatly effect metabolism.  Testing for omega, 3, 6, 9 EPA & DHA balance can tell you what your body really needs and what if anything you are taking to much of, this can restore balance and help correct metabolism.

Heavy metal toxicity – Heavy metals interfere with metabolism in different ways, they are well-known for the damage they can cause to many of the body’s organs and often additional targeted nutrition and amino acid therapy is needed to remove these toxic substances.  Heavy metals can be found using a hair mineral analysis and results can help determine the best detoxification process to restore optimal metabolism.

Citric acid cycle & metabolic imbalances – The citric acid cycle is very important in body building and metabolism, mostly it involves how well your body coverts and uses energy by metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Imbalances in the citric acid cycle can lead to serious metabolic disorders & health problems, so testing the citric acid cycle & the organic acids metabolic test can seriously help restore correct metabolism.

Genetic disorders – genetic disorders are becoming more prevalent in terms of metabolic problems, this means certain genes that play important roles in metabolism have been deleted, which often means that a person has an inability to process nutrition the same as someone with normal genes.  This person would need a specialized nutritional program to be able to achieve results in body building.  There are several gene alterations that can affect metabolism.  Contact us for testing information.

Syndrome X – Some people have high insulin resistance which means that can’t use their energy stores as well as they should, this means they will store energy as fat, these people can find exercise and body building much more difficult in terms of getting results.  Lean more about syndrome X here.

Environmental pollutants – These are all around us, all of the time and have a very big influence on our metabolism, this is because they are toxic and rob our bodies of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.   Environmental pollutants are often solvents like benzene which can literally destroy your health and suppress your immune system leading to disease.

Testing for environmental pollutants is especially important for those who live in cities & those who have lived and or worked in environments associated with industrial pollution.  Environmental pollutants place much higher demands on amino acids for detoxification which can prevent optimal metabolism.

Restoring your health & rebuilding your body

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing how to take advance of your own body’s strengths and how to support your body’s weaknesses. If you would like to know how to achieve this personally and you’re not sure were to start, simply ask one of our professional natural health practitioners here.

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