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DNA testing & DNA analysis, genetic testing

DNA Testing & DNA analysis (Genetic Testing)

Did you know that you can learn a lot more about your health problems just by digging deeper into your genetics with a comprehensive DNA testing and DNA analysis?  Testing your DNA can significantly assist with improving your health and preventing disease, this is because DNA testing can reveal certain genetic predispositions to common and …

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problems with methylation

Do you have problems with methylation?

Methylation is a very important process in the body that is vitally key if you want to be well and stay healthy.  If your methylation process has problems as does approximately 50% of society then you have serious problems on your hands in terms of health problems and disease. What does methylation do? In short, …

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genetics and detoxification problems

Genetics & detoxification problems

Could you be “programmed” to fail when it comes to detoxifying? The human body is exposed to a wide array of toxins such as toxic substances and heavy metals in one’s lifetime, and normally complex enzymatic mechanisms are “genetically” available to detoxify these substances, but for large percentages of society many people are genetically programmed without this …

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