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HM-ET Binder (Cellcore)


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  • Supports focused removal of the most harmful heavy metals including mercury, arsenic, aluminum and lead
  • Feeds good microbes to help create a healthy microbiome and supports the digestive process
  • Helps restore the tissues with organic material that is needed for cellular function by utilizing short-chain active carbon molecules

HM-ET Binder supports the routine detox of environmental toxins and other unwanted elements from common, mild exposures.  The liver and kidneys work continuously to filter, detoxify
and remove harmful factors. HM-ET Binder supports these routine detox functions. Its short-, medium-, and long-chain carbons function in the gut and systemically to bind and carry unwanted materials out of the body.
At the same time, this BioActive Carbon Technology-based binder supplies needed materials to the cells to support their structure and function. Plus, it promotes the integrity of the gut lining and microbiome health.

Ideally used as part of our comprehensive protocol lineup, HM-ET Binder is the proverbial “cleanup” binder. The name is simple: “HM” comes from “heavy metals,” and “ET” comes from “environmental toxins.” This product focuses on chelating both heavy metals and environmental toxins from the system. At the same time, the BioActive Carbon molecules provide the biological building blocks to heal your system.

** The Therapeutic Goods Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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