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Cadmium, heavy metal toxicity & you

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Cadmium is an extremely dangerous heavy metal to humans, yet our environment is full of cadmium sources that we are subjected to everyday and this often leads to people having cadmium toxicity which is evident in the large number of cases of kidney, heart disease, osteomalacia (softening of the bones) and lung cancer that result from cadmium toxicity.  Cadmium is 5 times as toxic as lead.  The question is do you have cadmium toxicity right now and what will that mean for you and your health if let unresolved?

Today cadmium can be found in many of the least expected places such as the water supply (through corrosion of galvanized pipes), our food supply, tobacco & tobacco smoke, discharge from metal refineries, run off waste from batteries, paint and metal tooth amalgams.

Symptoms of Cadmium Poisoning

Make no mistake!  Cadmium is classed as a human carcinogen, so even small levels of toxicity can lead to cancer.  Cadmium poisoning varies depending on the amount you are currently are exposed to, often cadmium accumulates in the body and brain when zinc levels are low then builds up in the kidneys and liver where it binds to other essential minerals and vitamins preventing their utilization.  Cadmium toxicity can cause any of the following symptoms and diseases:

Primary Cadmium Symptoms

  • Kidney disease
  • Kidney imbalances – (Such as electrolyte imbalances, Adrenalin imbalances, kidney stones, edema)
  • Heart disease – heart disease via cadmium toxicity is often the result of cadmium damage to the kidneys which regulates the heart.
  • Cancer – Cadmium stimulates cell division forming cancer and is known to activate estrogen receptors leading to breast cancer.  Cadmium is also implicated in the formation of cancer of the lungs especially in but not limited to smokers.
  • Birth defects – Mothers found high in cadmium have higher rates of still born babies, spina bifida, low birth weight and small head circumference (therefore reduced brain size).  Cadmium toxicity reduces fertility in both men and women.
  • Spasms – Cadmium causes leg pain, leg spasms & muscle spasm with pain.

Secondary Cadmium Symptoms

As mentioned previously cadmium interferes with certain minerals and vitamins therefore vitamin and mineral deficiency symptoms can be a be clue to test for cadmium toxicity.  It’s important to understand that vitamin & mineral supplementation can NOT resolve cadmium toxicity and may cover up symptoms leading to bigger problems.  Detoxification of cadmium is essential to properly restoring vitamin and mineral imbalances.  Here are some of the vitamin and minerals affected by cadmium toxicity:

  • Zinc deficiency – Poor sense of taste or smell, white marks on more fingernails, frequent infections (low immunity), stretch marks, acne or greasy skin, low fertility, pale skin, tendency to depression and or loss of appetite can all be indications of cadmium toxicity.
  • Vitamin A deficiency – Mouth ulcers, poor night vision, acne, frequent colds or infections, dry flaky skin, dandruff, thrush or cystitis and diarrhea can all be indications of cadmium toxicity.
  • Vitamin E deficiency – Lack of sex drive, exhaustion after light exercise, easy bruising, slow wound healing, varicose veins, loss of muscle tone, infertility can all be indications of cadmium toxicity.
  • Vitamin B6 deficiency – Infrequent dream recall, water retention, tingling hands, depression or nervousness, irritability, muscle tremors or cramps, lack of energy, flaky skin can all be indications of cadmium toxicity.
  • Vitamin D deficiency – Joint pain or stiffness, backache, tooth decay, muscle cramps, hair loss can all be indications of cadmium toxicity.
  • Magnesium deficiency – Muscle tremors or spasms, muscle weakness, insomnia or nervousness, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, constipation, fits or convulsions, hyperactivity, depression, confusion, lack of appetite, calcium deposits in soft tissue e.g. kidney stones can all be indications of cadmium toxicity.
  • Calcium deficiency – Muscle cramps or tremors, insomnia or nervousness, joint pain or arthritis, tooth decay & high blood pressure can all be indications of cadmium toxicity.
  • Phosphorus deficiency – Bone fracture, general muscle weakness, loss of appetite, bone pain, rickets, osteomalacia (softening of the bones).

NOTE:  Cadmium absorption through the intestine increases when the body’s iron stores are depleted therefore iron deficiency can cause excess cadmium uptake.

Cadmium Toxicity & Genetics

Some people are genetically predisposed to cadmium toxicity, this is because certain genes belonging to liver detoxification pathways that normally deal with cadmium detoxification have been deleted, in these cases a genetics test can confirm and a specialized nutritional program can help the individual detoxify cadmium.

Do you have cadmium toxicity?

The best way to find out if you have toxic levels of cadmium and or if you’re at risk from cadmium related disease is by a hair mineral analysis, this simple home test shows if you are toxic and guidance can be given to how to detoxify the cadmium in your situation as everyone is different.

Smokers and ex smokers often have higher levels of cadmium toxicity, this is because tobacco crops naturally absorb a lot more cadmium from the soil, then burning the tobacco via smoking delivers higher levels of cadmium into the body via the lungs.

Detoxification of cadmium

Often people attempt to detoxify cadmium without knowing if they have toxicity and without knowing the best ways to achieve results.  Many heavy metal detoxification supplements on the market do not work and often contain toxic heavy metals themselves.

Cadmium is a very toxic metal and each person who has been exposed to the metal is affected in different ways, this can cause detoxification problems.

It’s important to have yourself tested by professionals that can guide you through the detoxification process that will work for you personally.  It’s also possible that you may have a gene mutations which can make any basic detoxification program useless and or harmful.

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