Nutrigenomic Testing Comprehensive DNA Wellness Profile




Nutrigenomic and epigentics testing is an evaluation of different genetic markers to generate a comprehensive report of findings along with a set of recommendations to help achieve health and wellness. This report can assist you and your patient in understanding how  genes can influence:

-Your body size and weight.
-Your ability to lose weight.
-Your appetite and eating behaviors.
-How your body stores and processes dietary fats.
-Your risk of having an abnormal cholesterol profile.
-Your vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient needs.
-Your sensitivity to specific tastes, foods and drinks.
-Your power, endurance, recovery and injury risk when you exercise.

What to expect from this genetic test:

  • To be guided to make dietary and lifestyle changes for a healthier life by choosing the nutrition and exercise regimens that are more in line with your specific genetic make up .
  • To learn about the interactions between your genes and your lifestyle and be recommended the actions that can help modify the effects of your genes.
  • To identify those genetic factors that contribute to, without being the cause of, your body weight, vitamin needs and other aspects of your wellbeing.

What Genes Are Tested?

About the test:

  • The test is a simple saliva sample test kit that comes in the mail, the test kit includes full instructions and express post back to the laboratory.
  • Test results are emailed to you within 12-15 business days.

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*This test will NOT predict the risk of a disease or condition, but will identify the individual’s lifestyle
factors that can modify the gene effect and improve health.