How To End Panic & Anxiety Attacks

How To End Panic & Anxiety Attacks

Are you one of those people who have had the terrifying experience of a panic or anxiety attack?

Those who have, know that it’s a horrific and debilitating problem. Thousands of people suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and while there are many theories about the causes and treatments for these attacks, often these are completely misguided leaving you wondering what you can do to get to the bottom of the problem and end it once and for all.

The Truth About Panic & Anxiety Attacks

Many authorities would have you believe, if you have panic or anxiety disorder that you have a mental disorder which is understandable at first glance given the way it makes you feel, but this more often than not couldn’t be further from the truth, yes the symptoms seem mental but the truth is your symptoms are nothing more than a reaction to a deeper physical problem.

Diagnosis of panic and or anxiety disorder is usually made by a doctor who will quickly write you a prescription for a serotonin re-up taker or anti-depressant drug with the aim to calm you down without even as much as a test to confirm that serotonin is in fact in need of an increase.  The unfortunate part of this common scenario is that you are let believing that you’re depressed when all the signs of an anxiety or panic attack are the complete opposite!

Anxiety and panic attacks are the result of a chain reaction that starts with having excessive amounts of lactic acid in your body.  Elevated lactic acid in the body indicates a block in the production of energy which can be from a number of other problems such as, an ongoing infectious state, use of recreational and or pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol over consumption, poor blood sugar control and or a number of inborn or inherited errors of metabolism.

Here’s the thing, when you have high levels of lactic acid there’s a great chance your body has trouble getting essential fatty acids into your cells and all of this leads to a bunch of problems that all rely on fatty acids to maintain the balance of your physical and mental health.

Case Study

Lets look at the result of a organic acids test for one of our patient that had been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for over 15 years.

Lactic acid result

As you can see on the below result we have a patient with chronic high levels of lactic acid with the top of the range being 1.58, our patient has 7.22 which is literally off the scale as indicated by the black dot to the far right.

Lactic acid test

This means our patient has long been suffering from an inability to use long chain fatty acids as energy (even when taking supplements).

With an inability to use your fats you are most certainly going to eventually suffer from any and all problems associated with fatty acid deficiencies.  Fatty acids are major supporting factors for most notably the heart, the nervous system, the immune system and the brain.  Symptoms of fatty acid deficiencies vary greatly, now let’s look at what happens when you can’t use just some of the more common essential fats:

Essential Fatty Acids & Panic/Anxiety Attacks

Not getting essential fatty acids into cells is without doubt a major degenerative state, its your body running out of the very resources that you need to survive, rebuild and keep balanced, so its no wonder you panic!  We know for example that just a deficiency in omega 3 and or omega 6 that CAN NOT be supplemented can cause these symptoms:

As you can see the symptoms above when combined in their own unique way for each individual are nothing short of the very definition of a panic or anxiety attack, the adrenaline, the fight and the flight response are all associated with the above symptoms.

Other Essential Fats & lactic acid excess

People with high lactic acid can also lose the ability to use other highly important fat soluble vitamins, these include vitamins A, D, E & K.  These vitamins are all essential to good health and wellbeing, people with high lactic acid levels can’t make proper use of these powerful antioxidants that support so many of the bodies healing processes even when supplements are used.

Whats the cause of Lactic acid excess?

Lactic acid excess is the result of a metabolic block which can be detected using an organic acids test the results of which can help determine the metabolic pathway/s that are blocked and a treatment can restore fatty acid utilization, reduce lactic acid stores, heal the body and bring panic & anxiety attacks to an end.

There is also strong evidence that arsenic poisoning is behind most panic attack disorders because of lactic acidosis, learn more about that here.

Have any questions about panic attack disorders?  Ask one of our qualified health practitioners here.

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