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Folate Metabolism Test



Is your folate or folic acid working?



The Folate Metabolism Test

Folate is of extreme importance when it comes to your health, many people have problems with the metabolism of folate or folic acid which means that they are at a higher risk of having methylation problems such as:

  • The inability to properly convert folate or folic acid into the more active folate such as 5-methyl tetrahydrofolate or (5MTHFR) needed for proper methylation.
  • At a higher risk of having homocysteine imbalances
  • Infertility problems, miscarriages or birth defects
  • Accumulating excess amounts of synthetically made folic acid that can lead to immune system suppression
  • Having symptoms of folate and or vitamin B12 deficiencies that don’t respond to common supplementation properly
  • Having MTHFR gene mutation symptoms

Folate deficiency symptoms – Anemia, eczema, cracked lips, prematurely greying hair, anxiety, tension, poor memory, lack of energy, poor appetite, stomach pains, depression.

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms – Poor hair condition, eczema or dermatitis, mouth oversensitive to heat or cold, irritability, anxiety, tension, lack of energy, constipation, tender or sore muscles, pale skin.

Also see: symptoms of homocysteine imbalances and MTHFR gene mutation symptoms.

Folate Metabolism

Folate metabolism is the methylation cycle of folate, it is a biochemical pathway that manages or contributes to a wide range of biochemical functions such as detoxification, supporting DNA (turning genes on and off), producing energy, reducing inflammation, synthesizing neurotransmitters, homocysteine metabolism, protein methylation, phase 2 liver detoxification and supporting immune function.

Inadequate methylation of the folate pathway capacity can lead to birth defects, depression, cognitive decline, physical pain and cancer.  Impaired methylation has even been associated with autism.  Support of methylation markers has been associated with rapid return of speech, improvement of behavior in ADD and ADHD.

About The Folate Metabolism Test

After you purchase the folate metabolism test, you will receive a simple blood test kit in the mail.  The test kit comes with:

  • An authorized blood specimen order form that you take to your local accredited pathology for collection of your blood (Find a pathology near you here).
  • A blood specimen test kit for the pathology to use to collect your blood sample
  • Complete instructions for taking the test for you and the pathology
  • Note, pathology will charge approximately $33.00 to take your sample

Test results are sent to one of our professional health practitioners within 7 – 10 business days for evaluation.  Our practitioners contact you with the results and recommendations on any findings via email, mail or phone.

What do we test for?

The folate metabolism test looks at a combination of important folate pathways to see if they are working properly, these include:

  • 5-methyl tetrahydrofolate (5MTHF)
  • Folinic acid
  • Tetrahydrofolate (THF)
  • Active vitamin B12
  • Serum folate
  • Homocysteine

Problems with folic acid

Many nutritional supplements provide folic acid which is a synthetic man made substance, many people especially those with certain gene mutations can not use this form of folic acid efficiently which leads to serious methylation problems.  Further, folic acid can build up in your body over time as a by-product of un-methylated folic acid that has been shown to lower your immune systems natural killer cells.

Therefore elevated folic acid readings on a blood report from your doctor may indicate an inability to properly metabolize folate or folic acid.

Supplementing folate & warnings

Many people who are concerned about having folate deficiency use supplements to help prevent folate deficiency, many are now learning that they can bypass the folate deficiency by supplementing the activated forms of folate, this is a very bad idea.

Taking activated folate supplements without the supervision of an experienced practitioner can be dangerous, this is because activated folate can cause serious problems such as methyl trapping which can seriously affect neurotransmitters leading to severe depression.  Testing for folate metabolism is the safest & best way to know what you need and don’t need to do.

Genetics & folate metabolism

Some people are genetically pre programmed with an inability to use folic acid and or folate properly, these people represent approximately 50% of society.  The gene mutation called MTHFR is responsible for the problem.  Those that have been diagnosed with the gene problem are highly encouraged to take the folate metabolism test as these people will have the biggest problem with folate metabolism.  Those that are unsure but suspect they may have a folate problem should take the MTHFR home test here.

Have any questions about this test?  Ask one of our qualified health practitioners here.