What is Genetic Nutrition?

A genetic nutritionist specializes in understanding your nutritional needs at a genetic level.  Everybody’s genes are different, so is their DNA, genetic nutrition uses this information in a powerful way to customize the right nutritional treatment that works best for who you are rather than providing the same treatment for every person which is far less effective.

Over 50% of society in general have gene mutations or genetic disorders & or metabolic advantages or disadvantages, this changes the way they use nutrition,  often this means they will have greater needs for certain nutrients than others, it also means that many people are genetically disadvantaged and have much higher risks associated with disease.  Using genetics in nutrition means gaining a significant advantage in optimizing health, treating specific health problems genetically and preventing serious disease.

Genetic nutrition is your best opportunity to provide your body with what it really wants and needs to be able to have the best of health possible based on you as an individual.

Here’s the thing, there is nobody in the world quite like you!  When it comes to nutrition you are unique and so are your needs nutritionally.  When you were born for example, you are made from DNA, you got some of your DNA from mum and some from dad, through this process you became unique, a new version of a human being.

But when it comes to nutrition there is a catch and things aren’t as simple as they may seem, this is because along with mum and dads DNA, that you are now made of, comes with all of their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your health.  Not only did you inherit mum and dads god and bad DNA but you are now a new, completely unique version of those strengths and weaknesses, this makes you and your biochemistry different to everyone else on the planet.

Now that your DNA is unique to you, this means your needs nutritionally are also different and when you use this knowledge to your advantage you can experience the healthiest possible version of you.

Biochemical Individuality

While your genes play a major role in your health its important to understand that biochemical individuality is key when it comes to optimal nutrition.  Biochemical individuality means that each one of us, all have differences in our body chemistry that determine the ultimate outcome of our health, its this principle that makes it essential for you to know your biochemical strengths and weaknesses if you want to be healthy and happy.

Depending on your genetic make up and your individual nutritional needs, supporting your true biochemical needs can make a big difference to every aspect of your health and even your life!  For example let’s say you see other people eating well, maybe even taking vitamins and mineral supplements and are doing ok, you then attempt the same things they do and you may get good results, some results, no result or even negative results.

This is happening all of the time, most people follow the crowds hoping to solve their health problems by following the advice of mass marketing companies selling you nutritional products that fail to acknowledge your individual biochemistry, which ultimately causes a decline in your health.

The science of individual biochemistry has demonstrated one solid truth when it comes to nutrition, that is that nobody has the same nutritional needs, each person is unique in their nutritional requirements and that great advantages come from supporting those needs including having optional health, disease prevention and anti-aging.

Genetics, Food & Nutritional Supplements

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or perhaps just been convinced by all the hype about nutrition these days, there are some very serious problems going on that have changed the way nutrition works in almost everyone and if you don’t want to believe it, just take a look at the millions of people that die every year from preventable diseases, take a look at how many people everyday need to see a doctor, how many people rely on pharmaceutical drugs to to get by in life and the massive introduction of vitamin and mineral supplement companies attempting to compensate for the obvious nutritional problems we all face today.  Health has become a massive industry to say the least, but hang on here, isn’t food supposed to be our medicine,  even those who eat so called healthy food get sick, so what went wrong?

Food & nutrition

You may be wondering, why is it that I can eat well but still I have health problems.  The truth is, food just isn’t what it used to be, modern farming methods are producing foods that are poorer in nutrition than ever in history and it doesn’t stop there, not only are foods lacking vital nutrition that they once had, they also come with pollution such as heavy metals and added chemicals that are toxic to humans.

Genetics & nutrition

This may come as somewhat of a surprise, but genetics or our genes play a major role in how we use nutrition and many of us now have genetic mutations that affect nutrition.

That’s right, there is a pretty good chance that you have a gene mutation right now, especially if you have health problems or a family history of health problems.  Genetic mutations are handed down through your DNA, you know, some from your mum and some from your dad, these mutations have dramatically changed how our body’s function when it comes to nutrition.  These mutations are often behind most of the diseases that people face today.

If you have gene mutations you are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to nutrition and being able to stay health.  It’s not bad news though, this is because finding out if you have gene mutation/s and which ones this actually gives you a significant advantage when it comes to nutrition.

Genes are powerful players in nutrition, they have the ability to turn nutrition on and off at will, when there are mutations in genes, which is now very common, genes can interfere with the utilization of certain nutritional pathways that are vital to good health.  Discovering these gene mutations and supporting them with the right nutrition for your individual biochemistry can make a big difference to your health and life both physically and mentally.

As previously mentioned genetics, even those without any mutations are susceptible to nutritional problems because of a persons inherit DNA.  This make genetic nutrition a vital part of any good natural health treatment.

Supplements & nutrition

Its an unfortunate fact these days that vitamin and mineral supplements are needed in order to sustain the lack of nutrition in food.  But this has created an even bigger problem, the idea that everyone can take the same supplements and get the benefits that those supplements claim, is leading people to consume supplements that are more often than not going to cause serious health problems.

The supplement industry is designed to sell as many supplements as possible without any regard for individual biochemistry and or individual genetics, this means that while you might get some results using certain vitamin or mineral supplements, you will likely be missing something and or getting too much of one nutrient and or not enough of another nutrient.  Remember everybody has different needs when it comes to nutrition, one size does not fit all.

The big problem here is that eventually you force your biochemistry out of balance because the supplements that you take don’t work with you as an individual, this leads to new health problems that arise, then you go and get more supplements to deal with that new problem and it goes on and on until you end up at the doctors office, prescribed drugs for some disease that could have been prevented.  Should you have known in the first place which supplements work with your individual biochemistry and your specific genetics you may have been able to improve your health to the point that you never had to experience poor health as so many people do these days.

The advantage of using your genes in nutrition

Every year people spend thousands of dollars on various ways to stay healthy, get healthy or restore their health and most of time it’s their best guess that determines their results now and their future health.

By understanding at a genetic level what your real nutritional needs are rather than following the masses, you can provide your body with the best possible odds of success when it comes to optional health now and into the future using nutrition.  Genetic nutrition is all about getting to know you and your health, understanding your strengths and weaknesses through your individual biochemistry, so that you can provide your body with the right building blocks it needs to stay healthy.

When it comes to nutrition, knowledge is king, genetic nutrition enables you to support your body with it’s true nutritional needs, be able to improve your health optimally, be able to prevent diseases that you’re more  susceptible too and be able to slow down the aging process.  Remember without proper nutrition, you can’t live.