Benzene toxicity symptoms

Benzene health effects killing your immune system?

Benzene is a toxic substance to humans yet we are constantly living, breathing and consuming benzene, so, are you full of benzene and do you have a serious health problem on the way?

The fact is benzene exposure causes toxicity & poisoning in our body and more people have a serious problem with benzene toxicity than most are aware of, this is most evident in the increasing rates of cancer and health problems related to lowered immunity and the ever increasing need for medical intervention to replace the immune system with drug therapy like antibiotics.  Sound a bit far-fetched?

Case Study Benzene Toxicity

Let’s take a look at an average middle age male who only eats healthy food, considers himself a healthy person and lives in an Australian major city.  As you can see below his levels of benzene are in the red, meaning he has toxic levels of benzene, he also says his immune system is always low, he is always in pain and his health has been in decline for many years no matter what he does.  So what do you think may be causing his problem?

Benzene testing

Benzene is a petroleum-based substance, we use oil and fuel all of the time which exposes us to benzene, but that’s not the only way to end up full of benzene.  Many household products, foods, the water supply, even health products can have benzene toxicity.  Testing yourself for benzene toxicity is the only way to find out if you have toxic levels and to find out what you can do about it before it makes you sick and eventually may even kill you.

Sources of Benzene

Sources of exposure to benzene include many of the following:

  • Natural component of crude oil and refined petroleum.
  • Products that are made using petroleum.
  • Automotive emissions (Car exhaust), poor emission-control devices on older vehicles, poor maintenance practices, automotive-refueling operations and industrial emissions.
  • Emissions during the production of xylene, toluene, styrene and other toxic compounds.
  • Discharge of industrial wastewater from chemical plants, chemical manufacturing sites, and petrochemical and petroleum industries.
  • Seepage from underground petroleum storage tanks, waste streams.
  • By-product of various combustion processes – wood burning, organic wastes, tobacco smoke.
  • First and second-hand smoke accounts for the largest source of benzene exposure for the general public. The amount of benzene in a single cigarette may vary from 5.9-90 micrograms.  If you are a smoker or have been a smoker take the benzene test.
  • Used in the manufacture of Styrofoam, resins, synthetic fibers and rubbers, gums, lubricants, dyes, glues, paints, and marking pens.
  • Used as a solvent in scientific labs, industrial paints, adhesives, paint removers/strippers, decreasing agents, carburetor cleaner, rubber
    cements, some arts and crafts supplies, manufacture of faux leather and rubber goods.
  • Off-gassing from building material, particle board, carpet glue, textured carpet, liquid detergent, furniture wax, structural fires, high-density traffic locales, petrol stations.
  • Occupational Exposure: industries that produce or use benzene or benzene containing products – oil refineries, petroleum plants, tire manufacturers, paint and shoe manufacturing plant, petrol stations, active or passive cigarette-smoke inhalation, and areas of heavy vehicular traffic.
  • Interfering Factors: Sorbic acid and potassium sorbate, common food preservatives, are metabolized to muconic acid.
  • In combination these common food preservatives including ascorbic acid (vitamin C, E300), sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate may from benzene in your body.
  • Mining & fracking that causes benzene to leach into the water supply

Benzene & The Immune System

Benzene has a powerful effect on your immune system, many people complain that their immune system just can’t keep up and are unsure why, this leads people to antibiotics to kill the problem which further damages the immune system.  Even small doses of benzene can switch off your immunity, keeping your defenses low which can result in any of the following:

  • Frequent infections
  • Slow healing rate
  • Disease
  • Cancer
  • Constantly sick and unable to overcome illness
  • Need for medical drugs to overcome health problems
  • HIV/AIDS (immune deficiency)

While your immune system has benzene in it, it simply won’t do its job as well or will fall into decline leading to disease.  If you have a weak immune system there is a good chance you have benzene toxicity and you should get tested for benzene toxicity.  Benzene has the ability to cause nutritional deficiencies that also lead to disease.  When deciding to take a benzene test its an advantage to test for organic acids to see which nutritional elements have been effected by benzene.

Benzene & Homocysteine

Benzene has a powerful effect of interfering with homocysteine pathways and for those unaware, homocysteine is one of the most powerful indicators of your mortality, basically the more homocysteine you have the more likely you will die from a particular disease.  Normally your body uses certain nutrients to break down homocysteine which keeps you safe, healthy and alive.  When benzene is present many of the nutrients that are normally used to break down homocysteine are used up trying to fight the benzene, this naturally raises homocysteine until disease and even death is the result.  Another great reason to test yourself for benzene.

Reducing Benzene Toxicity

Benzene is a very difficult substance to detoxify unless you know what you doing, each person is different in the way they are effected by benzene, often nutritional detoxification pathways are depleted which makes your body store benzene and the symptoms appear as many other health problems so often benzene toxicity is overlooked by medical science.

The best way to reduce or remove benzene toxicity is by nutritional balancing which helps to restore detoxification pathways, this helps to remove the benzene from the body, this can go a long way to completely changing how a person feels, like having a whole new outlook on your health and life.

Take the benzene test now, find out if benzene is causing you health problems or even prevent serious common diseases caused by benzene.


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