alternative cancer treatment

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer affects many people and there are many different types of cancer that cause serious disease and in many cases leads to death.  Cancer involves abnormal cell growth and while there are many different reasons for the development of cancer, more often than not mainstream medicines approach is to attempt to kill cancer rather than find the underlying cause.  Using an alternative cancer treatment can help to treat cancer or reverse cancer and help to resolve the underlying cause, this greatly improves the outcome for not only healing from cancer but also contributes greatly toward preventing any future cancers from developing.

Where does cancer come from?

Cancer is a cellular imbalance involving abnormal cell growth, this process happens when those processes in your body that normally keep your cells in check lose control, this allows cancer to form and without your natural defenses in place cancer can develop.  It’s important to understand that cancer replies on your body being in a certain state of health for it to be able to develop and continue to spread, this means that when certain conditions are changed within your body cancer can be stopped and even reversed.

There are many ways that cancers can develop and there are many things that make a person more susceptible to developing cancer, what’s important to understand is that your underlying health or condition of your health combined with any of the following are what really causes cancer and when you know the cause this makes for a powerful cancer treatment:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Toxic substances /chemicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Parasites
  • Genetics
  • Poor farming practices
  • Poor air quality
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Radiation (all types including EMF from computers, mobile phones etc)
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Infections
  • Work place (toxic substance exposure)

Treating cancer with alternative medicine

Cancer has been around since forever, but it was once a rare disease, since the invention of the industrial age (use of heavy metals and toxic chemicals), mass farming methods (that destroy nutrients, add toxic chemicals and use of hormones), mass use of electricity (as EMF radiation) and many other modern inventions, cancer has become a very big problem with 1 in 2 people being diagnosed with some form of cancer in their life time.

Alternative medicine in the treatment of cancer is a powerful way to restore your health, this is because it involves working on the core reason for developing cancer in the first place, this improves the outcome not only for resolving the cancer but also helping to prevent the return of cancer.

Our cancer treatment protocol helps to establish why your body’s resistance to cancer has been compromised while at the same time works on removing the existing cause of cancer.  The following protocols are used for each cancer patient:

  • Establish nutritional problems and correct imbalances
  • Discover and remove toxic substances & heavy metals
  • Kill cancer forming parasites
  • Test for genetic vulnerabilities and provide support to susceptible genes
  • Provide cancer healing formulas

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