L-Carnitine (Amino Acid)


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L-Carnitine (Amino Acid)

HealthWise® L-Carnitine 150g

  • 100% pure powder
  • pharmaceutical grade
  • L-Carnitine
  • packed without fillers or flowing agents

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The Tartrate form is recognized as being the most natural and well absorbed of the Carnitine family.  While acetyl Carnitine is important for brain development, L-Carnitine tartrate excels at weight loss, heart health and energy creation.

The following are all linked to the benefits of the tartrate form of Carnitine:

Therapeutic Use

Experts say that L Carnitine is currently one of the best-researched dietary supplement in the world and has every appearance of being a proven remedy. Moreover, it is non-toxic, with minimal contraindications and adverse interactions, and well-tolerated by young and old.

Whenever an organism needs energy, L-Carnitine plays an important role such as:

• Fat Burning: L-Carnitine mainly increases the rate at which fat is burned. This tends to reduce fat and build up lean muscle mass.
• Fatty Acid Transport: L Carnitine is best known as a facilitator of the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria for oxidation.
• Exercise performance: The second lesser known role is in maintaining high density exercise via lactic acid minimization
• Heart Health: Minimizing the risk of heart disease

Healthy subjects consumed a high fat meal, which has been shown to cause impairment of vascular health. It was demonstrated in a trial that 2g of L-Carnitine taken with the meal enhanced vascular responses (increased dilation) to the high fat meal. This was most apparent in those subjects who had the greatest decrease in vascular function. Because vascular dysfunction is an early event in heart disease, Carnitine supplementation can be viewed as a preventative or therapeutic supplement to improve risk for heart disease.


The only contraindications for the use of l-Carnitine are to do with specific diseases and conditions such as:

• Seizures: If you have ever had a seizure, you should avoid using l-Carnitine. For people with a history of seizures, the use of L-Carnitine has produced an increase in the seriousness and number of seizures, whether taken intravenously or orally.

• Hypothyroidism: if you have an under-active thyroid gland, or hypothyroidism, l-Carnitine tartrate may interact with the hormones produced by the thyroid and could have a negative effect. If you know you have hypothyroidism, it is best to avoid taking additionally l-Carnitine tartrate.

2 grams: Most studies are done at this dose, taking Carnitine post training Take with carbs (40-80 grams) for an insulin spike to help shunt Carnitine into muscle tissue for peak performance.

Please note: This product is sold as a Food Only.
For specific conditions please consult your healthcare professional or ask one of our professional natural health practitioners here.

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