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Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria Pyrrole Mauve Test




Kryptopyrrole Pyroluria Pyrrole Mauve test

The Kryptopyrrole Test Includes Testing For:

  • Kryptopyrrole
  • Mauve Factor
  • Pyroluria
  • Pyrrole

Do you have kryptopyrrole, mauve factor, pyroluria or pyrrole disorder?

Many people go through life with this disorder and are mostly unaware that their symptoms are coming from a kryptopyrrole disorder.  Symptoms commonly experienced with this disorder include:


Symptoms of kryptopyrrole, mauve factor, pyroluria or pyrrole disorder

Abdominal pain
Anxiety Morning nausea
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
B6 deficiency symptoms
Cold hands and or feet
Delayed puberty
Explosive temper & mood swings
Impotence in males
Irregular periods
Mental disorders
Morning nausea
Pale skin
Poor dream recall
Sensitivity to light, sound and odor
Social withdrawal
Stress intolerance
Stretch marks in the skin
Vitamin B6 reponsive anemia
White spots in fingernails
Zinc deficiency symptoms

About the Kryptopyrrole, Mauve Factor, Pyroluria or Pyrrole Test

The home Kryptopyrrole test contains:

  • All the equipment needed to complete the Pyroluria Test
  • A full set of instructions
  • Express Post overnight return delivery to laboratory
  • Test results are sent to one of our professional health practitioners within 14 business days for evaluation.  Our practitioners contact you with the results and recommendations on any findings via email, mail or phone so you’ll know exactly what you need to do if the results come back positive.

The test is a simple urine test that only takes a few minutes, the test can be done right from your home or office and then send it back to the laboratory in the provided express post bag.  The test is looking to detect the level of hydroxyhemopyrrolin-2-one (HPL) which is a neurotoxin, this neurotoxin is high amounts causes severe zinc and vitamin B6 deficiencies that cause a chain reaction in many of the bodies bio chemical pathways leading to the above symptoms and disease.


More about Kryptopyrrole, Mauve Factor, Pyroluria or Pyrrole

Dr. Carl Pfeiffer who was one of the initial investigators of Mauve, treated more than one thousand high-Mauve patients with vitamin B6 and zinc with very positive results. Symptom improvement with these supplements can be experienced in patients in as little as two days and Mauve levels have been observed to decrease by as much as 50% after one month of treatment. However, discontinuation of the supplement regime may result in deterioration of the patient in as little as 48 hours. Correlation studies have provided evidence of zinc and functional vitamin B6 deficiencies in high-Mauve patients, supporting the use of these nutrients in the treatment of Mauve. Many of the symptoms observed in high-Mauve patients can be attributed to zinc, vitamin B6 and biotin deficiencies.  Furthermore, many neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and GABA require vitamin B6 and/or zinc for their production.  Zinc alone is responsible for the production of over 200 enzymes required for good health.


Have any questions about this test?  Ask one of our qualified health practitioners here.