Homeopathic Reckeweg Formulas



Reckeweg Homeopathic Remedies formulas R1 to R75 in 30ml dropper bottle

Hand made by our qualified homeopath is the Reckeweg Homeopathic combination remedies in a 30ml dropper bottle.

How to order

Simply note which formula/s you want, hit the buy now button  and chose how many bottles you want, then advise us with your choice/s via the comment section on the checkout page: (e.g. R35 & R17)

R1 Anginacid Inflammation drops
R2 Aurin Gold drops
R3 Corvosan Heart drops
R4 Enterocolin Diarrhoea drops
R5 Gastreu Stomach drops
R6 Gripfektan Influenza drops
R7 Hepagalen Liver and gall bladder drops
R8 Jutussin Cough drops
R9 Jutussin Cough drops
R10 Kilmakteran Climacteric drops
R11 Lumbagin Rheuma drops
R12 Multojodin Calcification drops
R13 Prohamorrhin Haemorrhoidal drops
R14 Quiets Nerve and sleep drops
R15 Vita-C15 Nerve tonic
R16 Cimisan Migraine and neuralgia drops
R17 Cobralactin Benign tumour drops.  Tissue regeneration drops.
R18 Cystophylin Kidney and bladder drops
R19 Euglandin-M Debility drops for men
R20 Euglandin-F Debility drops for women
R21 Medorrhan Reconstituent drops (affections of blood and skin)
R22 Najasthen Drops for nervous disorders (anginous condition of the heart)
R23 Nosoderm Eczema drops
R24 Pleurasin Pleurisy, intercostal neuralgia
R25 Prostatan Prostatitis
R26 Remisin Draining and stimulating drops
R27 Renocalcin Renal calculi drops
R28 Secalen Dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea
R29 Theridon Vertigo, syncope
R30 Atomare-Beckeron Universal ointment (as drops)
R31 Contraemin Energizes the appetite, increases the blood supply, strenghens the liver
R32 Antihydrosin Hyperhydrosis of varying genesis
R33 Buforan Constitutional treatment following convulsive seizures
R34 Calcossin Recalcifying drops
R35 Chadontin Drops for dentition
R36 Choresan Diseases of the nerves, chorea, St Vitus dance
R37 Colinteston Intestional colic drops
R38 Dextronex Affections of the abdomen, right side
R39 Sinistronex Affections of the abdomen, left side
R40 Diaglukon Affections of the blood and glands
R41 Fortivirone Tonic drops
R42 Haemovenin Venous stasis, varicosis, inflammation of the veins
R43 Herbamine Against asthma:  asthmatic constitution
R44 Hypotonol Disorders of the blood circulation, hypotony (low blood pressure)
R45 Laryngin Illness of the larynx and upper breathing apparatus
R46 Manurheumin In rheumatism of forearms and hands
R47 Neuroglobin All hysteric complaints
R48 Pulmosol Pulmonary disease
R49 Rhinopulsan Acute and chronic catarrh, sinusitis
R50 Sacrogynol Gynaecological sacroilliac complaints, pains in sacral region (women)
R51 Thyreosan Thyroid intoxication
R52 Vomisan Vomiting, nausea, travel sickness
R53 Comedonin Acne vulgaris, rash at puberty
R54 Imbelion Mental debility
R55 Rutavine All kinds of injuries, healing affect on wounds
R56 Oxysan Vermifuge
R57 Scorosan Pulmonary tonic
R58 Vernadon Against hydrops, stimulates the renal function
R59 Vesiculine Against obesity, slimming effect
R60 Purhaemine Constitutional treatment in blood and skin disorders
R61 Lumbagin Rheumatic Ointment
R62 Morbillin Measles drops
R63 Endangitin Drops for impaired circulation
R64 Nephralbin Albuminuria drops
R65 Psoriasin Psoriasis drops
R66 Arrhythmin Cardiac arrhythmia drops
R67 Kollapsin Drops for circulatory debility
R68 Herpezostin Shingles drops
R69 Intercostallin Drops for pain between the ribs
R70 Prosopalgin Neuralgia drops
R71 Ischialgin Sciatica drops
R72 Pankropatin Pancreas drops
R73 Spondarthrin Drops for the joints
R74 Nocturnin Drops for nocturnal enuresis
R75 Dolomensin Dysmenorrhoea drops

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10 cm