Pre-Chelation Metals Challenge Spot Urine Test




Heavy metal toxicity is a common issue in Australia and lots of people are widely affected by this health condition. Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and aluminum, can accumulate in the body over time and can lead to a number of concerning symptoms and health conditions. Heavy metal toxicity is primarily caused by the levels of pollution and use of chemicals that we are exposed to on a day to day basis.

NHG offer both a Pre and Post chelation metal test. A challenge test is a means of comparing the respective quantities of heavy metals in two urine samples. The first sample is normally taken from an early morning specimen (Pre-chelation), whilst the second is sampled from a subsequent 24hr urine collection following the administration of a chelating agent (Post-chelation). From this information the physician can compare the excretion patterns before and after administration of the chelating agent, thereby obtaining vital information as to the propensity of the body to store heavy metals.

Common Conditions:

• Mental health disorders
• Foggy memory
• Impairment of vital organ systems
• Toxicity
• Allergies
• Immune dysfunction
• Thyroid dysfunction
• Cardiovascular disease
• Muscular skeletal conditions
• Metabolic syndrome
• Skin conditions

About The Test

After you purchase the test, you will receive a simple urine spot test kit in the mail.  The test kit comes with:

  • An authorized test specimen order form that you use to validate the test
  • A urine spot test kit
  • Complete instructions for taking the test including express post return postage

Test results are sent to one of our professional health practitioners within 10 business days for evaluation.  Our practitioners contact you with the results and recommendations on any findings via email, mail or phone.

This test is a urine spot test kit. A test kit will be posted to you with full instructions including prepaid return postage to the laboratory.  The following markers will be tested:

Toxic Metals: Ag, Al, As, Ba, Be, Bi, Cd, Hg, Ni, Pb, Pt, Sb, Sn, Tl