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Do you have MTHFR gene mutation symptoms?

A lot of people are now wondering if they have a gene mutation called MTHFR which is a problem in genetics & methylation and it’s a fair question given that approximately 53% of the population has the gene mutation. This genetic condition can be debilitating and nutrition plays a critical role in managing the disorder. Common conditions caused by MTHFR defects: ADD & ADHD Addictive Behaviors Alcoholism Allergies Alzheimers disease Anxiety Atherosclerosis Autism B Complex Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms (that don’t respond well to supplementation) Blood Clotting Bipolar Disorder Cancer Chemical Senitivity Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Read More...

DNA Testing & DNA analysis (Genetic Testing)

Did you know that you can learn a lot more about your health problems just by digging deeper into your genetics with a comprehensive DNA testing and DNA analysis?  Testing your DNA can significantly assist with improving your health and preventing disease, this is because DNA testing can reveal certain genetic predispositions to common and serious health problems, once detected these can then be solved and or prevented with specific targeted nutrition. It’s a common  misconception that you can’t change Read More...

Mental health issues and how to resolve them

Mental health refers to a wide range of health problems that are related to the proper functioning of the brain and how the brain influences the body in terms of symptoms.  There are many common health problems that respond really well to natural therapies, this is because often behind a mental health problem there is an imbalance of essential nutrients that causes an imbalance of the chemicals called neurotransmitters. Common mental health problems & symptoms If you experience or have experienced Read More...

Digestive Disorders – Solving digestive problems the right way

Many people suffer from digestive disorders and when this happens it is a warning sign to do something about it.  Your digestion is one of the most important factors in having good health, this is because your digestive system is your body’s nutrient delivery system, so when your digestion isn’t working right, there is a good chance that you won’t be getting the the right nutrition that your body needs to stay healthy. Digestive disorders, symptoms and causes There are many Read More...

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer affects many people and there are many different types of cancer that cause serious disease and in many cases leads to death.  Cancer involves abnormal cell growth and while there are many different reasons for the development of cancer, more often than not mainstream medicines approach is to attempt to kill cancer rather than find the underlying cause.  Using an alternative cancer treatment can help to treat cancer or reverse cancer and help to resolve the underlying cause, Read More...

Allergy & Intolerance Testing from Home

Becoming tolerant to many allergies and intolerances is an excellent way to resolve health problems, by doing this you are able to remove allergies and get relief from intolerances. Many people have allergies and intolerances who are able to change the way their body reacts to certain things, this means becoming tolerant of the very thing that causes an allergy or an other intolerances. Click here to learn more about if you need an allergy test and which test is Read More...